I slowly sow my eyelids shut, and feel them flutter,
What does she want now? My mind mutters.
An escape, an adventure, something exciting and new, I report
Oh, so the usual? My mind retorts.
Let’s think about the studies you have been ignoring, now That would be an adventure.
The heart chimed in, but that is likely to lead to seizure!
I laugh at the two,
And ask indulgently, so what are we to do?
Heart says, let’s hover over the memories and see what we find
I am not entertaining yet another walk down that lane! Refused the mind.
With a confident look the heart said, taking a trip together is the safest bet,
With a smug smirk, the mind said, I don’t think we’re there yet.
Besides, you are still bleeding, heart.. said the brain.
Wherever you run, you cannot escape the pain.
Let’s cuddle with heart? I asked them, with hesitance,
They looked at me then at each other and I faced no resistance.