On to the next chapter

There would usually be chaos in my mind on a day of journey. I would usually be running helter skelter shoveling whatever clothes that I can get my hands on to stuff into whatever poor bag’s turn it is this time.

But not today. Today I am calm and serene as I sit in an empty room, gazing at empty closets and reminiscing.


Thinking, how the emptiness is in no way echoed inside of me. Maybe that’s why I feel so calm.

I am sad yes, to be leaving a part of me. A journey that had completed its purpose in my life.

And then I learned a lesson. This is a part of life. To detach and to move on. There are goodbyes all around us, some more permanent than the others but all temporary still the same.

This goodbye teaches me to keep revising my lessons from this phase of my life, Only to make my tomorrow better, more rich and happier. There’s a lot more out there for me and I am excited to go embrace it as I know it shall embrace me.

To keep moving is in man’s nature. To keep changing is his duty. For better or for worse, is his choice.

I am not from this planet