Land of No Justice

I don’t know if justice will ever be served,

In a land whose history leaves me unnerved,

Fables and history alike,

weaken the daughter with every word and praise the son as a knight.

Justice shall not be showered,

On this land of corrupt higher power,

That cast away Medusa and Maleficent as monsters.

I want snakes on my head and gaze that turns the profane into stone,

The gift from mother Athena to a withering daughter,

Was tainted as an unjust punishment for Poseidon’s slaughter,

I too, would have vowed to slay the one who took my wings away,

I would make him suffer enormously till helpless in front of me he lay.

So I kick these twisted versions that color hideous the one who falls prey,

And if monstrosity is what it takes to protect my soul,

trust me, I’m not afraid to slay.